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5 open source web app alternatives to Google Drive -
Last year, Kenton Varda and I ran a successful fundraising campaign that let us build Sandstorm. During the campaign, he published a treatise on how open source and indie software has proliferated on desktop and mobile, yet stagnated on the web because&nbsp.

Incredible moment real-life spiderman is caught on camera scrambling up a skyscraper like it's a giant stack of shelves - Daily Mail
Stunned witnesses filmed a Spider -Man copycat scaling a tall office building without any safety equipment in an incredible stunt. The man was caught on camera about a third of the way up the huge Nestle building on the corner of Miguel de Cervantes.

Computer gamers solve problem in AIDS research that puzzled scientists for years
The controls are intuitive; tutorial levels introduce the game’s mechanics; colourful visuals provide hints; and the interface is explained in simple language. While protein scientists concern themselves with “rotating alpha-helices” and “fixing.

Aren't footy players supposed to be tough? Hilarious moment an NRL star screams in terror after his teammate brings ... - Daily Mail
Brisbane Broncos star Anthony Milford maybe fearless on the field but the tough guy NRL star has shown he is much softer off the field. The 22-year-old was filmed screaming like a child after team mate Josh McGuire bought a snake to training and.

10 Basic Python Examples That Will Help You Learn Fast
If you have absolutely no programming experience whatsoever, we instead recommend these Python tutorial websites The 5 Best Websites ... Read More. All basic Python examples were written for Python 3.x. We cannot guarantee that they’ll work on Python.

Woman bitten by a deadly funnel web spider she thought was a HALLOWEEN ring left on the floor by her daughter - Daily Mail
A woman is lucky to be alive after being bitten by a deadly funnel web spider she mistook for a child's Halloween toy. Kate Armstrong, from Kiama on the NSW south coast, was collecting a towel from her laundry when she spotted what she thought was yet&nbsp.

Would YOU sit down? Commuters on packed train in Melbourne give six seats a wide berth after a huge spider was ... - Daily Mail
Train riders were given a morning wake-up call when they discovered they were sharing their carriage with a huge spider . Images show six empty seats surrounding the creepy crawly on the packed peak-hour train in Melbourne on Friday morning.

Bella Hadid parades around in skimpy black underwear for Dior make-up tutorial video - Daily Mail
She left little to the imagination in a see-through gown at a masquerade ball for the French luxury brand just days earlier. And on Thursday Bella Hadid continued to drum up attention as the ambassador for Dior make-up in a beauty routine video posted.

How to look glam in just 'FIVE MINUTES': Beauty guru Lauren Curtis rapidly transforms her appearance using 16 go-to ... - Daily Mail
Australian beauty YouTuber Lauren Curtis is known for her glamorous how-to videos and handy make up tutorials . And recently, the 24-year-old put together a speedy 'five minute glo up' tutorial . The rapid tutorial saw Lauren go from fresh and make up.

Is this the secret to perfect brows? Beauty vlogger Lauren Curtis reveals she uses MOISTURISER on her eyebrows to ... - Daily Mail
Ever since Lauren uploaded her first YouTube beauty tutorial in 2011 while living with her Mum in Perth and working in cosmetics at Target, she has become one of the most recognisable faces in beauty around the world. 'I came from very humble.

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