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Hot skills: PostgreSQL offers opportunities in many languages -
Its query language, echoing Oracle's, is PL /pgSQL, and it runs stored procedures in other languages - including Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, TCL and C/C++ - for which it also has native programming interfaces. Its standard ... Because of the nature of.

Oracle Performance Tuning - Part 3
One of those steps involves using an automated tool to "guide" you in writing SQL statements. There are several vendors who manufacture analysis or performance tuning tools ... constraints is to use the built-in tutorial objects. Using an iterative.

Oracle 11.2 Outer Join And Index Issue - Database Journal
SQL> SQL> begin 2 for i in 1..1000000 loop 3 insert into a 4 values(i, trunc(sysdate)+i); 5 if mod(i,9317) 0 then 6 insert into b 7 values(i, trunc(sysdate)+i); 8 end if; 9 end loop; 10 11 commit; 12 13 end; 14 / PL / SQL procedure successfully completed.

Using Oracle ADDM reports to resolve SQL performance problems: Step-by step guide - TechTarget
Using Oracle ADDM is an effective way to resolve SQL performance problems, according to Brian Peasland. ADDM is his go-to tool for finding problem SQL statements. In this Article. Related Content. Oracle 11g innovations may take some getting used to –&nbsp.

IT café - IT café
39;'közkézen forog sok ebook és video tutorial is. ... Az MCSE-d pl nem igazán lehet 2 évnél régebbi, legalábbis a 2003-as nem igazán. Ha meg nem igazán ... Én MCSE, MCSE+M, MCDBA on SQL 2000, MCTS on SQL 2005 végzettségem van. Namost volt aki&nbsp.

Database Differences: Microsoft SQL Server vs. Oracle Database
Most, including MS SQL Server and Oracle Database use SQL, although Microsoft uses Transact SQL, (T-SQL) and Oracle uses Procedural Language SQL (PL/SQL). According to Segue ... “SQL Server 2016 added performance tuning, real-time operational analytics.

4 SQL Developer Tutorial: Creating Objects for a Small Database
Create a PL/SQL Procedure. Debug a PL/SQL Procedure ... see Oracle Database Performance Tuning Guide.) 4.10 Script for Creating and Using the Library Tutorial Objects The following statements create and use the database objects that you have created.

Third-party tools for Oracle: Special report -
Toad, whose long list of features includes SQL scripts, a data modeler and ER diagram, is seen as an alternative to Oracle's SQL Developer and Allround Automations' PL / SQL Developer. The most recent release of Toad is Toad for Oracle 10, which includes&nbsp.

Improving SQL Statement Tuning with Automatic SQL Tuning
This tutorial describes ... by the Automatic SQL Tuning task. On the Plan Control sub-page, notice that a SQL profile was automatically implemented. However, you still have the possibility to retrieve the same information using PL/SQL.

10 Tipps: So werden Sie zum richtig guten Programmierer - JAXenter
Das von mir gezeigte Beispiel ist allerdings in Java – Objektorientierung erlaubt aber ebenfalls Determinismus. Verdammt, sogar prozedurale Sprachen wie PL / SQL erlauben Determinismus! Wenn Funktionen in einem Index genutzt werden sollen, ist es dort&nbsp.

Do You Really Need Oracle Optimizer_index_cost_adj Set? - Database Journal
consistent gets 4 physical reads 0 redo size 31902 bytes sent via SQL *Net to client 1247 bytes received via SQL *Net from client 70 SQL *Net roundtrips to/from client 0 sorts (memory) 0 sorts (disk) 1024 rows processed SQL > SQL > select empno, ename.

Using parallel SQL with Oracle parallel hint to improve database performance -
Enhance customers' Oracle database performance by using parallel SQL with an Oracle parallel hint, enabling a SQL statement to be simultaneously processed by multiple threads or processes.

How to make sense of Oracle licenses for VMware environments - TechTarget
Oracle licenses are a tricky subject and Oracle licensing for VMware environments doubly so. Find out about the important documents and policies that guide Oracle licensing and VMware. In this Article. Oracle licensing lingo; Licensing individual.

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