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Reverse Engineering C# for Beginners
Follow along as I brush up on my long unused Reverse Engineering skills to dive deep into my first real attempt at investigating a pre-compiled C# application. I am writing this not so much as a tutorial but ... game via WinDbg and OllyDbg (live debuggers.

Win32 vs x64 ? - GameDev.net
So I was setting up a new project in visual studio 2010 and I notice there is this option to develope either Win32 or x64 apps. I was wondering like what is the pros and cons of these two and like whats the difference I guess. I mean I would assume.

MUP With OllyDbg for Really Beginner
TOOLS USED = OllyDbg 1.09b + OllyDump v2.01.108 plugin, LordPE (optional) This is my 2nd tutorial for BiW-Reversing that will discuss about MUP with ollydbg + ollydump. BTW, my 2nd tute should be about the truth lies behind a keygen. But i need more time.

Portable Malware Lab for Beginners – Part 2
In the previous article, “Portable Malware Lab for Beginners,” I spoke about nested virtual machines ... we may use Google’s V8 engine or Rhino for parsing. In this tutorial, we will deploy both Rhino and V8 on our portable lab.

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Strategic Security, Inc. © Exploit Development For Mere Mortals Part 1: Getting Started Presented By: Joe McCray
Presentation on theme: "Strategic Security, Inc. © Exploit Development For Mere Mortals Part 1: Getting Started Presented ... of programming languages I highly recommend “Absolute Beginner’s Guide to C” Publisher: Sams; 2nd Edition ISBN-10.

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Cracking PlasmaVis (Making a Keygen in C)
Cracking PlasmaVis (Making a Keygen in C) ----- This tutorial is NOT meant for beginners in x86 assembly or ... respectively: Dev-C++, OllyDbg, AspackDie 1.2, and PE iDentifier v0.94. The tutorial is broken up into.

Download ollydbg tutorial pdf
ollydbg tutorial pdf download. basics of reverse engineering beginners.re. You can also follow me on twitter to get information about updates of .. MSVC x86 OllyDbg . For a complete tutorial on the x86 assembly language, check this Download the following.

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Also, apart from other applications, there is a “Beginner” level which will help you to kick start your journey without much difficulties. So if you are following the tutorials from ... Hack Any Softwares – OllyDbg. ‡ Get Accounts for any Websites.

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