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Designing Your Own Spring Boot Starter – Part 1 - DZone News
Many organizations have applications (mainframes for example ) which are impossible to change, very expensive to maintain, but still running on high cost as they are very critical to the business. An antifragile system is created with change in mind and.

Testing J2EE applications - Java World
These are behaviors that tend to be sprinkled throughout the application: page flow, broken links, security, transactions, and JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface). We have added a recipe related to the Struts application framework, but for more.

Mapping Objects to Database Tables with the Java Persistence API - informIT
because all ORM mappings had to be defined in the bean's descriptor file. It became confusing rather quickly, with the EJB 2.0 framework requiring the use of certain interfaces as well as the Java Naming and Directory Service ( JNDI ) for looking up.

Manage the agile team with XPlanner - Java World
These include features such as a simple mechanism for defining project iterations; an intuitive interface for individuals estimating and tracking effort; and charts for publishing team metrics. XPlanner is discussed here as it was deployed to support.

Learn Scala with Specs2 Spring - Java World
I'll walk through several scenarios of using Scala to test Java code, including a unit-testing example and an integration-testing example . I'll conclude with a brief demonstration of acceptance testing using Specs2 Spring, which will be part of the.

What's New With Camel on JBoss EAP? - DZone News
There are multiple ways to bootstrap a Camel context in EAP, making it adaptable and easy for different developers to migrate without losing the ability to code in their own style. With the camel context spring XML. JNDI Bootstrap. Simple Registry.

Spring Boot Application Connect to LDAP Userstore - DZone News
Now start the app using mvn spring-boot:run or using the java -jar spring-boot-ldap- sample .jar, Access the webapp using http://localhost:8080/ and provide the credentials of a user in the LDAP user base. You'll see the authenticated user's details.

The wise work manager for context-based scoping - Java World
The code and examples shared in this article successfully run in IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.0.2. The code can be reused with minor changes, however, in other environments that support the Work Manager ... You configure the work manager through.

11 Great ETL Tools and the Case for Saying 'No' to ETL - DZone News
topics; and each record consists of a key, value and timestamp. Kafka can be used in many different ways; for example as a message bus, a buffer for replication systems or event processing, and to decouple apps from databases for both OLTP and DWH.

Microservices With Camel and WildFly Swarm - Introduction - DZone News
Take a look at this sample code for sending a JMS message: /*. * Create a JNDI API InitialContext object if none exists. * yet. */. Context jndiContext = null;. try {. jndiContext = new InitialContext();. } catch (NamingException e) {. System.out.

OSGi: Declarative Services and the Registry - DZone News
So far none of these examples include anything OSGi-specific. To use this service in an OSGi context, we need to do two things: tell the service registry about the implementation, and have a way to lookup the implementation from the registry where we.

LDAP Guide
Arbitrary text can be used for the element values as well as MessageFormat style placeholders for the ldap attributes. For example, if you wanted to map the LDAP attribute displayName to the vcard element FN, the XML snippet would be: <FN attrs.

Local and Remote EJB Interfaces - OnJava.com
Inside of it, you still have to go through JNDI and do lookup (as is the case with remote interfaces), but this time you get a reference to a real Java object on the heap, instead of a stub to a remote object. Hopefully the discussion ... To conclude.

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