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Two New Learn-To-Code Books for Kids - GeekDad (blog)
Storing Data: (20-21): Storing information is a key programming concept, so this spread uses a rocket with a rotating wheel to allow the reader to track their score as they find aliens, rockets, and astronauts on the page. ... Yep, the folks at DK are.

Writing Alfred Workflows in Go
To do that we will need a small command line utility that you can install by running this command in your shell : go get -u github.com/jason0x43/go-alfred/alfred Now you have a global CLI tool named alfred ... we want to keep track of the changes we.

Exploring the best bug tracking software for your company - TechTarget
Bug tracking tools are able to find an issue, give it a descriptive title and create a descriptive narrative of the issue -- what the user did, what he or she expected to see and what actually happened -- so someone else can reproduce the bug. ... set.

Blockchain for Dummies - TechTarget
A hard fork makes previously valid blocks and transactions invalid. Ethereum did this to protect the funds that were being pulled out of the first DAO by a user. The DAO hack was conceptually, one of the largest bug bounties ever. That said, many scams.

3 Top Tools for Tracking React Native - ADT Magazine (blog)
Though I'm just a hobbyist, I've spent hours trying to sort everything out, often tracking down some infrastructure- or workflow-related bug that has nothing to do with proper coding techniques. Which navigation scheme are we supposed to use now.

Instruments Tutorial with Swift: Getting Started
This Instruments tutorial will show you how to use the most important features of the tool called Instruments that ships with ... You should have noticed that the graph in the All Heap and Anonymous VM track has been rising. This is telling you that.

Exclusive: Players thought Project Cars difficulty 'was a bug', Director reveals - TrustedReviews
Project Cars 2 is an incredibly challenging race simulator, and developer Slightly Mad Studios is taking steps to improve its tutorials to players after the studio received some feedback from less experienced players who wrongly assumed the game was&nbsp.

New Unity ARKit Plugin Update Allows Developers to Iterate Even Faster - NextReality
In an early morning blog, Jimmy Alamparambil of the Unity team announced a major new update to their ARKit plugin. Developers now can use Unity and ARKit to create AR experiences and test directly from Unity's editor, without deploying to the device.

On a warm - WIRED
Over the next year, Cashatt exploited an obscure software bug in one ultra-common model of hotel keycard lock to break into hotel after hotel in what would become an unprecedented, all-he-could-eat buffet of serial digital thievery. He'd escalate from.

Seapine QA Wizard Pro streamlines automated functional testing - TechTarget
Seapine Software Inc. offers several integrated tools for automated testing, test case management, requirements management, and other testing and application lifecycle management functions. QA Wizard Pro is an automated testing tool that provides&nbsp.

Google's Hidden Battery Tool Helps You Figure Out Why Your Phone Dies So Fast - Gadget Hacks
Understanding this, Google created a tool called Battery Historian that interprets data from a bug report to give you tons of information about battery drain. But this utility is incredibly hard to use, as it requires several complicated terminal.

Samsung releases tutorial videos For Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ - Blasting News
The Galaxy S8 is expensive both to manufacture and to buy, even compared to the iPhone 7 Neowin.

LawBreakers 1.3 Update Out Now, Patch Notes Released - GameSpot
UPDATE] The 1.3 patch for LawBreakers is out now on PS4 and PC. The release hasn't gone entirely to plan, as there was an issue with weapon stickers. Developer Boss Key is looking into the problem.

Interview with Artem Borodatyuk @Serpstat
He has also co-founded Ringostat.com, an independent SaaS focusing on call tracking ... can report a bug to our support chat. Q: Serpstat and Netpeak checker have grown into some of the world’s most popular SEO analysis tools in a short period of.

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